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Shelby Jewell knows beautiful homes. As a born-and-bred Los Angelino, she’s been naturally exposed to the LA market her entire life. But even more so because her father is an architect. “Real estate really fits in with my background. I’ve looked at beautiful homes my whole life; I used to go to job sites with him, take notes, and observe his process. So when I interviewed [for Dave Caskey], it felt like a match right away.” 

Having grown up in Santa Monica, tagging along with dad to job sites, and majoring in Design at UC Davis, Shelby is uniquely equipped as Caskey’s Graphic Designer. This is her first professional foray into real estate, but she’s been surrounded by luxury homes and materials her entire life. Out of college, Shelby worked at a tile and stone company, where she learned how to showcase texture, material, and architectural features.

Now at Caskey Real Estate Group, she’s bringing those intrinsic skills to our marketing materials. When picking imagery and curating the vibe of a home, Shelby has a discerning eye. “It comes naturally because I know what architects look for and what people look for when buying a home. It helps me tell the story when drumming up excitement about a new property.” 

Even outside of work, Shelby is surrounded by creatives. Her boyfriend is a sculptor and painter; they spend weekends at galleries and socializing with other artists. She’s thrilled our offices are based in Manhattan Beach as she loves to surf with her 72-year-old father. Shelby is also an accomplished tennis player on the hunt for a doubles partner.

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