Welcome to the Team - Tiffany Acosta

Welcome to the Team - Tiffany Acosta

  • 05/2/23

We want to warmly welcome our newest Caskey & Caskey team member – Tiffany Acosta!

Tiffany has over 17 years of experience in the real estate industry as a Transactions Coordinator. In her previous role, Tiffany managed the transactions of more than 200 agents. Once they got the deal, she did all the rest. Now with Caskey & Caskey, her customer service expertise and ability to multitask will help guide the leader of our agency to even more success in the coming years. Tiffany is joining the team as our leader David Caskey’s go-to woman. She’s the expert in all things logistics; David will do the selling, and Tiffany will handle all the rest. “The less Dave has to do, the better,” Tiffany wisely says.  

We just had to have her when we heard the rave reviews from her previous agency. Clients and coworkers didn’t want to let her go, but Tiffany is too perfect a fit for us. Plus, she was ready for the change. “To be a part of this team,” she says, “and be able to grow here is something I’m so looking forward to. And everyone continuously tells me, ‘You’re not just a TC. You’re so much more than that.’”

As a San Pedro native, Tiffany is well-versed in SoCal goings-on. She and her junior high sweetheart have been married for 22 years; they have three human kids and one fur baby named Brownie. Tiffany had kids young and feels blessed that real estate has given her the flexibility to be a present mom while supporting her family. The Acostas love watching movies and having adventures together as a family.



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