New Year's Resolutions: Home Edition

New Year's Resolutions: Home Edition

  • 05/1/23

New Year, new goals! New Year’s Eve brings a sense of excitement and renewed hope on what we can achieve in the upcoming year. Enter in - RESOLUTIONS!  As much as we would love to stick with our glimmering new commitments - life gets busy, and they inevitably fall short. For the 9% of Americans who stick with their resolutions, we salute you. As for the 91% of us who can’t seem to follow through, we’re here to help! 

Taking a step back, we can organize our daunting resolutions into manageable and obtainable steps. Creating a to-do list and checking off items line by line actually releases dopamine and creates a feeling of accomplishment in our brains. Small habits grow into big results. Below are some of our favorite ways to start the New Year without overbearing commitment. 

You hear this often in real estate, especially when selling and staging your home. But why wait? Removing clutter from your eyesight clears your mental headspace. A calm environment directly reflects a calm mind. Now, decluttering does not have to mean depersonalization. Pictures or keepsakes can still hold their space in your home, keep what feels right for you and get rid of the unnecessary. Now’s the perfect time to sort through that miscellaneous drawer in the kitchen (yes, you know exactly what drawer we’re talking about) or clear off that pile of papers that have been on your desk since Tax Day. 

After you declutter, comes step two - Purge! Getting rid of items that have lost their purpose is easier said than done, so ask yourself these questions when faced with a tough decision: Have you used or worn it in the last year? Did you upgrade it with a holiday gift, and it’s no longer necessary? Can it be moved to the unseen corner of the garage? Are some things right where they belong, or could they use a new home? 

One man's trash is another man's treasure - donating not only feels wonderful, but it refurbishes a purpose in items that may have been collecting dust. Goodwill in Manhattan Beach has a drop off located on the west wall of the building. 

Establish Everyday Habits 
Practicing everyday habits are the root to conquering anything we want in life. Start with one, master it, then move on to the next. Put your keys, wallet, and mail in the same spot daily. Empty the dishwasher right when it finishes; then you can fill it as you dirty dishes. Keeping the kitchen clean (almost) all the time. There’s ample research about the benefits of making your bed immediately after waking. You start your day accomplishing a task while also creating a serene, comforting environment to quiet your mind before bed later. 

Recruit Help 
Teach your kids the value of work and lighten your load by giving them the tools to help. Designate spaces for their school items and toys with hooks for backpacks, cubbies, and a specific spot for homework, so the house isn’t riddled with kid things. Pack the main item for school lunch - a sandwich, soup, or leftovers - and then make additional items handy and low enough for your kids to pack the rest themselves. The bottom fridge drawer, first pantry shelf, and low cabinets are great places to stock kid-friendly food items. Assign them little tasks, like wiping the table after dinner or refilling the paper towels when they’re empty. Those small things add up. 

Take these steps with as much grace and pace as you need. Once you have cleared your space, start building small obtainable habits. Overtime, you will see the benefits both in your job workflow, and in your life workflow. We hope this New Year doesn’t bring out a whole new you, but a more in-control, optimized you. 

Best wishes and Happy New Year from all of us here at Caskey Real Estate Group!

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