Things to Do in Manhattan Beach

Things to Do in Manhattan Beach

  • 05/23/24

Manhattan Beach, California, is a coastal haven known for its wide, sandy beaches, charming neighborhoods, and vibrant community life. Whether you're a local, visiting, or contemplating the area's real estate opportunities, there are many activities to enrich your experience in this part of Southern California. This guide provides a curated list of must-do activities in Manhattan Beach, CA, each offering a unique way to enjoy the area's natural beauty and lively culture.

Stroll Along the Manhattan Beach Pier

The iconic Manhattan Beach Pier is a must-visit landmark, offering breathtaking ocean views and a glimpse into the local marine life through the small but fascinating Roundhouse Aquarium at the end of the pier. Perfect for a leisurely stroll or a romantic sunset watch, the pier's serene environment makes it one of the top attractions in the area. Nearby, the liveliness of the city continues with shops and restaurants that cater to every taste.

Play on the Beach

Manhattan Beach is famously known as the birthplace of beach volleyball, and no visit is complete without enjoying a game on the sand. The city hosts professional and amateur tournaments that draw crowds from around the globe. For surfing enthusiasts, the waves here offer a thrilling challenge suited for various skill levels. Rentals and lessons are readily available along the beach for beginners and those looking to improve their skills.

Relax at Polliwog Park

Polliwog Park is Manhattan Beach’s largest public park and provides a tranquil retreat from bustling beachfront activities. It features expansive green fields, picturesque ponds, and public art installations, making it a favorite spot for relaxation and family outings. The park also hosts an amphitheater where live concerts and community events are held throughout the year. For families, the park includes a playground and the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden, which is full of native plants and offers a quiet place to enjoy nature. Whether you’re looking for a place to picnic, exercise, or simply unwind, Polliwog Park provides a beautiful setting for all.

Visit Downtown Manhattan Beach

Downtown Manhattan Beach is the heart of local activity, where the community vibe is palpable. This area brims with boutique shops, upscale restaurants, and cozy cafes that reflect the city’s stylish yet laid-back culture. Whether you’re shopping for coastal fashion or looking for a treat, downtown is a delightful place to spend a day indulging in local flavors and boutiques.

Walk the Greenbelt

For those who prefer a quiet escape into nature, the Veterans Parkway, commonly known as the Greenbelt, offers a lush, landscaped pathway perfect for walking, jogging, or simply enjoying the outdoors. This wood-chip trail runs through the heart of Manhattan Beach and provides a serene environment away from the city's bustling beachfront.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

Manhattan Beach's dining scene is as diverse as it is impressive. From high-end seafood restaurants to casual beachside eateries, the culinary options cater to all palates. Local favorites often feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients, providing a taste of California’s best. Dining in Manhattan Beach isn’t just about eating; it’s an experience that combines great food with stunning ocean views.

Discover the Arts and Culture

The Manhattan Beach Art Center is a hub for artists and art lovers. This venue showcases a variety of visual and performing arts, hosting exhibitions, workshops, and events that reflect the community's creative spirit. Attending an event here is a way to enjoy local and regional art and a chance to engage with the community in a meaningful way.

Participate in Local Events

Throughout the year, Manhattan Beach buzzes with festivals and events highlighting its community spirit and cultural heritage. The Manhattan Beach Open, Hometown Fair, and the Holiday Fireworks are standout events that offer fun and entertainment for all ages. These events provide a perfect opportunity for visitors to mingle with locals and experience the city’s lively culture firsthand.

Explore Manhattan Beach's Luxury Real Estate

For those considering a more permanent stay, Manhattan Beach real estate offers an attractive array of properties, from luxurious oceanfront homes to charming beach cottages. The serene lifestyle, coupled with the city's amenities and natural beauty, makes it a coveted location for homebuyers and real estate investors alike.

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